5 Interesting Conversation Examples

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So, you can speak English, have a large vocabulary, incorporate idioms and phrases when you speak and have a crisp pronunciation. But, you have no idea about what to say when you are in certain situations, like, meeting someone for the first time, having dinner with friends or acquaintances, waiting for a bus, etc.

If you are that person, let me tell you that even the best speakers find this intimidating. They run out of things to ask and say!


First of all, what are these situations called where you talk to someone only for a little while – 5-10 minutes? The situations where you talk to people about unimportant things in a social environment is called a small talk. It is a challenge for many to ace it. So, what do you do? My dear friend, I am here to share 5 conversation examples that you can use as a template when you are in a social informal setting.

(1) Meeting Someone for the First Time

Meeting Someone for the First Time
  • When you meet anybody for the first time, both of you are nervous, especially if it’s a person from the opposite gender. Easiest way to start the conversation is to say, “Hi!” or “Hello!”. When the “ice is broken”, please follow along.
  • Let’s imagine that you are Mahi and the other person is Archana (You can assume any names here). You are meeting at a friend’s birthday party. Let’s dive in.
  • Mahi: Hey! My name is Mahi! What’s your name?
  • Archana: I am Archana! My friends call me Archi!
  • Mahi: Nice to meet you, Archi!
  • Archana: Nice to meet you, too, Mahi! What do you do?
  • Mahi: I am a blogger and an affiliate marketer. How about you?
  • Archana: That great! I am a web designer! What do you write about, Mahi?
  • Mahi: I have written blogs about English communication skills and currently I am working on E-mail writing tips. I have written a few points and will complete it by tomorrow.
  • Archana: That’s fantastic!
  • Mahi: Do you have siblings, Archi?
  • Archana: Yes, I have an elder brother! How about you?
  • Mahi: I have 2 brothers and an elder sister.
  • Archana: Nice! How old are they?
  • Mahi: My sister is 28 years old and my brothers are 21 and 19 years old. So, how do you know Karishma?
  • Archana: She is an old friend of mine. We have been friends for more than 5 years. How do you know her?
  • Mahi: I met her at work. She is a hardworking girl! We are all amazed by her integrity and talent! But where is she?
  • Archana: Let me see! Well she is over there! She is about to cut the cake. Let’s join her, shall we?
  • Mahi: Sure!

(2) Visiting Your Friend for Dinner

Visiting Your Friend for Dinner
  • Today is a special day and your friend has invited you for dinner. She has cooked something and the conversation goes as follows:
  • Let’s assume your name is Sakshi and your friend’s name is Riti.
  • Sakshi: How do you like the food?
  • Riti: It tastes really great! Did you cook it?
  • Sakshi: Yes! I made it this afternoon! Would you like some more?
  • Riti: Okay, just a little though. I am really full.
  • Sakshi: Oh! Would you like some soup instead?
  • Riti: What kind is it?
  • Sakshi: Tomato and rice. Have you had that before?
  • Riti: No, this is my first time. How does it taste?
  • Sakshi: It’s good! Try it. What do you think?
  • Riti: Wow! It is good! Did you make that also? You’re a really good cook!
  • Sakshi: Thanks! Next time I will make chicken soup for us.
  • Riti: That sounds good. Did you study cooking in school?
  • Sakshi: No, I learned by myself. I have a good cook book that I read when I have time.
  • Riti: Great! I would like to have that book. I want to learn new recipes.
  • Sakshi: Here! I have 2 copies of it.
  • Riti: Thank you, Sakshi! It was a delicious meal! I will surely read the book.

(3) You Are Going Shopping

You Are Going Shopping
  • Today is a pleasant day and you decide to go shopping. While leaving you happen to meet your friend and she asks you where you are heading to. Here goes the conversation.
  • The 2 imaginary persons are Tina and Chloe.
  • Tina: Hey, Chloe! Good morning! What’s up?
  • Chloe: Good morning, Tina! I am going shopping. Do you want to come?
  • Tina: I thought you went shopping yesterday.
  • Chloe: I did! But an old friend called me last night and invited me to his birthday party. I need to buy a gift for him.
  • Tina: I see! What are you going to get him?
  • Chloe: I really have no idea what he likes. I haven’t seen him in a long time. What do you think?
  • Tina: Well, let’ see… Something to eat is always a safe way to go. Maybe you can get him cream rolls.
  • Chloe: Well, that’s a good idea, but, I think I should probably get him something else. Like something he can wear.
  • Tina: How about a jacket? I saw a really nice one on sale in the mall the other day. Maybe we can go there and take a look.
  • Chloe: Yeah! What store was it in?
  • Tina: It was at Orange Wears. I think they are having a big sale this weekend.
  • Chloe: Oh! That’s a really nice store. Let’s go check it out.

(4) Talking About Your Hobbies

Talking About Your Hobbies
  • Imagine you are Ben and you meet your friend Joe. Both of you are taking about what to do during the summer vacation or which club to join during the vacation. Here is what your conversation will be like:
  • Ben: Hey, Joe! Did you decide which club to join?
  • Joe: Not yet! I still have no idea.
  • Ben: Think about what you like. What are your hobbies?
  • Joe: I like too many things. I love taking photographs and even making and collecting jet model figures. Last year, my father brought me an Indian Air Force fighter jet model. I love it the most!
  • Ben: Wow! That’s awesome!
  • Joe: Yes, it is! How about you? What are your hobbies?
  • Ben: I enjoy reading books. So, I will join the readers’ club. How about you, Joe?
  • Joe: Well, I enjoy both! They are so much fun! But, since we are going for a summer vacation, I would love to take amazing pictures of the all places I will go to.
  • Ben: That’s perfect! Let’s sign up for the respective clubs. It will be awesome! And please click my pictures when you become a pro.
  • Joe: Alright! Fine! Let’s go now! Let’s sign up for the clubs.
  • Ben: Yes, let’s go!

(5) Talking About the Weather

Talking About the Weather
  • Lastly, the most common topic for small talk – Weather! No matter where you are from, weather is the go to topic for small talks.
  • Now, coming to the conversation, let’s say you – Suresh – are with your friend – Mahi. Both of you are having a coffee in a café and you talk about the weather. Let’s jump in to the conversation.
  • Mahi: Oh! It feels so cold this morning.
  • Suresh: It sure is. Early this morning, my car’s windshield was covered with frost. I had to spray it with water before I could head to work.
  • Mahi: Who would have thought it could be this cold in early October, especially in Amritsar.
  • Suresh: I know! The temperature was 2.2 degrees (Celsius) when I woke up this morning. I was freeing as soon as I got out of bed. The cold weather hit me by surprise.
  • Mahi: I cannot remember when it was this cold in early October.
  • Suresh: Brace yourself for rain this afternoon. Cold and wet, yuck!
  • Mahi: What?! It’s going to rain this afternoon?
  • Suresh: Not only this afternoon, but, also the rest of the week.
  • Mahi: Oh! It’s going to be miserable. I have a busy schedule today and tomorrow. Is it going to rain hard or just drizzle?
  • Suresh: The news said that it would start to drizzle around noon and rain really hard around 3 o’clock.
  • Mahi: No hope for better weather this week?
  • Suresh: There is a slim chance of sunshine by Saturday. But before that there will a lot of rain and cold winds.
  • Mahi: Oh! I hope there will be no rain next week.
  • Suresh: Let’s hope!
  • Mahi: Yeah! Let’s go, our break is almost over.
  • Suresh: Sure! Have a nice day, Mahi!
  • Mahi: You, too!
  • I hope you enjoyed all the conversations. In addition to the conversations above, below are some useful sources where you will find more engaging examples.
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qPYTcx5OEks
    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzWaxJN1PfU
    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-bEh_93F4g
    4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sywiO2bRVUA
    5. 27 Small Talk Topics (And Topics To Avoid At All Costs)


    • Even if you are someone with have a large vocabulary, incorporate idioms and phrases when you speak and have a crisp pronunciation, you may run out of ideas about what to say when you are in certain situations, like, meeting someone for the first time, having dinner with friends or acquaintances, waiting for a bus, etc. If you are that person, let me tell you that even the best speakers find this intimidating.
    • To help you get started, I have written 5 example conversations between 2 persons about the following:
      1. Meeting Someone for the First Time
      2. Visiting Your Friend for Dinner
      3. You Are Going Shopping
      4. Talking About Your Hobbies
      5. Talking About the Weather
    • You can tweak a bit in every scenario and have a conversation that’s all yours.
    Happy Learning!!!