Hello dear readers! I hope you and your family are fine and healthy! This blog post is about a product review and I typed without any research as I purchased the product myself and went through the training. I will give my opinion about the Affiliate Indians course by Mr. Prakhar Kulshrestha basis my experience of the product. Before beginning, I appreciate Prakhar for creating this course. I will share the product description along with the other 5 points. Let’s jump in!

(1) Affiliate Indians Course Description

  • Affiliate Indians is a 15-day course which covers a variety of topics including the steps to make a 6-figure online income and creation of landing, sales and the thank you pages. This course is created in the Hindi language and is especially targeted to help the Indian audience.
  • Prakhar also teaches the traffic generation strategies, setting up Google ads, Gmail ads and YouTube ads.
  • Towards the later part of the course, he throws light on an important aspect of online business – trust building.
  • Affiliate Indians will also teach you to how you can automate your online business to generate money on autopilot.
  • Along with the theoretical knowledge, you will get plenty of bonuses in the Afiliate Indians course.
  • It puts the things together in a way that anyone can grasp the concepts and understand how things work. Those who have failed before trying to grow an online business on their own, will now see where they went wrong. You also have access to a one-on-one business plan advisor or coach, who guide and advise you through your training.
  • What’s unique about Affiliate Indians is that every member is assigned a business coach. This coach is someone you can contact for help, and keep you accountable so you can get the most out of the program.
  • There are various trainings structured around your online business skill level, so it has something for everyone and those who implement what they learn, may go on to get great results. It’s an amazing platform 🙂 for Indians & this company is very first of this type in India.
  • The core set of blueprint trainings that Affiliate Indians offers mainly consists of different video training. And as I watched some of the initial training, I felt more comfortable with Prakhar as a person and was impressed by how charismatic and smart he was.

(2) Who is Prakhar Kulshrestha, the creator of Affiliate Indians?

  • This is what he has about him on his website. The CEO of Affiliate Indians is Prakhar Kulshrestha, an engineering guy who become a YouTuber & entered into the world of digital marketing and then after relentless efforts, one day cracked the code to earn 7-Figure online passive income alongwith doing several usual jobs like a teacher, assistant professor, academic coaching institute owner.
  • He learnt affiliate marketing & online marketing strategies from an 8-figure online marketer (who got his name in Forbes) & founder of 3-multimillion dollar companies.
  • Since then Prakhar Kulshrestha has decided to help Indian people to provide them all this knowledge and skillsets.

(3) Who is Affiliate Indians for?

  • Affiliate Indians is for the following 3 types of people:
    1. Beginners:
      • This is really useful for people who have no idea of what online business is and are passionate to start.
      • Those who do not have niche clarity, technical skills and have never created content will learn how they can improve their technical skills and the strategies about creating content, ads and marketing.
      • You will learn how to generate sales, market content, build an e-mail list and grow your community.
    2. Experienced:
      • Affiliate Indians will also help people who have a decent experience in online business, affiliate marketing, etc.
      • If you are someone who has decent technical skills, have generated sales and know how to create ads, this course will expand your horizons.
    3. Pros:
      • Affiliate Indians course will help you even if you are an expert in your field.
      • If you have mastered the art of generating traffic, getting sales and marketing, you will learn a few other strategies.
      • You can expand the treasure trove of your knowledge, even if you have a large e-mail list and a large community.

(4) Pros of Affiliate Indians

  1. 1-on-1 coaching:
    • The first benefit you will get if you purchase the Affiliate Indians course is 1-on-1 coaching from Prakhar himself.
    • You will need to select a slot of 10 minutes and Prakhar will connect with you over Zoom. You may ask your doubts and he is very kind in clearing all of your doubts.
  2. Affiliate Module:
    • The best part, according to me, is that after completing the Affiliate Indians course, you can promote it as an affiliate and Prakhar shares his 180-day e-mail sequence which you can configure in your autoresponder.
    • I really enjoy the cool gamification features like the affiliate badges and the leaderboards that add a little bit of competitive spirit to promoting Affiliate Indians.
  3. The course is available in Hindi:
    • This course is helpful to those who are not good at speaking and understanding English.
    • Prakhar has made it clear that he will create a course that will help his countrymen. He has laid out his ideas in a simple and an entertaining language.
    • People who go through his course will love his way of teaching at the drop of a hat.
  4. Support is super responsive:
    • After purchasing and completing the Affiliate Indians course, I had a doubt about the affiliate system.
    • I had scheduled a call with Prakhar which I missed due to a meeting. Later, I reached out to Prakhar personally on Instagram and he was really kind enough to spare more than 30 minutes for m until my doubt was cleared.
    • Prakhar believes in maintaining the relationship with his students and he really proved it when I reached out to him personally.

(5) Cons of Affiliate Indians

  1. Many important modules were missing: Being an affiliate marketer myself, I feel he should have added modules like niche clarity, content research and SEO.
  2. No Facebook Ads training: Facebook ads are extremely important and help in laser-sharp targeting. If he had taught himself about how to master Facebook ads, that would have been an icing on the cake.
  3. A very long course: Affiliate Indians is a 15-day course and I feel he should have categorized his ideas in a 3-4 day course. I would give Affiliate Indians a negative point here. Until 24 hours are finished, the next day’s training wont be accessible.

(6) My Views

  • Rating: I have completed the Affiliate Indians course and basis my experience, I would rate it 3.5 out of 5.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
  • Will I recommend it? Yes, I will! I will recommend Affiliate Indians to someone who is a beginner and is unaware of terms like Lead Form, Landing Page, Sales Page, Sales Funnel, Ads, Marketing and so on.
  • Before ending this post, I want to thank Mr. Prakhar Kulshreshtha for taking efforts and grinding it out to create a course like this. Cheers!

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